2020 album recorded at Edmontone by Emily Bachynski

2020 EP recorded and mixed at Edmontone by Adam Stark

2020 EP recorded and mixed at Edmontone by Trevor Rockwell

2019 single recorded and mixed at Edmontone by Trevor Rockwell and Adam Stark

2018 album recorded at Edmontone by Trevor Rockwell, and mixed by Doug Organ

2020 album recorded at Edmontone by Emily Bachynski

2018 album recorded at Edmontone (except Track 1). Instruments performed and arranged by –and recording produced, engineered, and mixed by– Trevor Rockwell

2018 album recorded and produced by Nik Kozub at Edmontone, with bonus tracks recorded and produced by Doug Organ at Edmontone.

2016 project recorded at Edmontone by Jesse Northey. Braden did a series of SIX Edmontone Demos records!

2015 demo reel of projects done at Edmontone by Doug Organ.

1. Christian Hansen – Don’t Leave Her Out

2. The Lad Mags – You Don’t Love Me

3. Black Mastiff – Birthday Song

4. The AwesomeHots – Wayfaring Stranger

5. Peter Belec – Global Warming

6. Make Out City – Hold Her Fast

7. Doug Hoyer – Bulgogi Pizza

8. Karim Gillani – Hum Bhi Khabhi

9. Bruce Kulak & Trevor Anderson – This Place Is So Gay

10. Passburg – Hollow Bones

Track 1 mastered by Tim Branton at João Carvalho Mastering

Tracks 2, 4, 6 mastered by Doug Organ at Edmontone Studio

Track 3 mastered by Eddy Schreyer at Oasis Mastering

Track 5 mastered by Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios

Track 7 mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering

Tracks 8, 9, 10 mastered by Mike Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studios






Thea V. Loki

Dylan Ella

Electricity For Everybody!

Ten Years After

Ruth B (Columbia Records)

Christian Hansen

Diamond Mind

Zodiac Folk

Sam Spades

Marlaena Moore

I Hate Sex

Latcho Drom

Gary Debussy

The Lad Mags


Black Mastiff

Dirt City Films

Jesse And The Dandelions

Colleen Brown

Braden Gates

The Rockin’ Highliners

The Provincial Archive

Amy Van Keeken


Royal Canadian Artillery Quintet featuring Alfie Zappacosta and Tommy Banks

Spookey Ruben

Littlebirds Big Band

Mack & The Issues

Stevie Raikou

Ben Stevenson

Joe Nolan

Ann Vriend

Nothing Gold

Peter Belec

Sister Gray

Andrew Scott

Rooster Davis

Didgin’ For Rainbows

Kaleia Odelle

Mikey Maybe

Jesse Peters

Madi Amyotte

Doug Hoyer


Make Out City


The Georgia Baths

NEK Trio

Jey Witten

Saint Jude

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the AwesomeHots

Natalie B.

Josh Sahunta

Kayla Patrick

Beyond Addiction

Rosemarie Siever


Newcastle Kings

Leela Gilday

The Skinny

Viter Choir

Jerusha White

Falklands / The Secret Keepers

Karim Gillani

Brother Octopus

The Duettes

Tallest To Shortest

Raj Mann


Scott Cook

White Beauty


Erica Viegas

Russell Broom

Wool On Wolves

Charlie Austin

Aaron Bailey

Alis An

Melanie Gall (The Savvy Girls Podcast)

Tim Gilbertson et. al.

Greg Zawaski

Cory Weeds, Mike LeDonne, Oliver Gannon, Jesse Cahill live recording at The Yardbird Suite

Belle Plaine

Shaw Langley

Dave Babcock & His Jump Orchestra

Trevor Anderson & Bryce Kulak, The Man That Got Away Soundtrack

The Get Down & Ian Blurton

Dick Damron

Nuela Charles

Smile For The Bullet

Raphael Freynet


Ido VanDerLaan / Lovertine

Future Loops

Dan Skakun drums master class

Renée Englot

Erin Craig

Lizzy Hoyt

Michael Amirault (with Brad Smith & Fred Brenton)

Francis A. Willey


Red Ram

The Omega Theory

Kaley Bird (with Terry Tran)

Paperplanes and Dragonboats

Carrie Day

Beth Schuld

Studebaker John

Masspike Miles / Lion Heart Entertainment

The Nightkeepers

Matt Machete and The Fury

Michael Rault

Jay Sparrow

Rebecca Ramone

ThisGirl, ThatBoy


The Sorels

The Uncas

Joël Lavoie

That’s Edmonton For You! (members of The Get Down, Cadence Weapon, The Secretaries, Shout Out Out Out Out)

Lauren Busheikin


What The Water Sees